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Pest Management

All Commercial Services include the following:

A monthly non-food handling program uses an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to deal with most crawling insects in the commercial environment.

Your INTENSIVE FIRST SERVICE incorporates the following:


  • Crack & Crevice Nesting focusing on moisture areas, such as those found in restrooms and around floor sinks & faucets and around windows & doors.

  • Bait soil in plants, planters and indoor atriums.

  • Webster around windows, doors, eaves, exterior stairwells and anywhere that webs collect to remove signs of insect activity.

  •  Treat around the building perimeter, sidewalk cracks & edges, tree trunks & shrubbery bases, water meter boxes and dumpster enclosure/area.

  • First Outer Barrier Treatment  to impact insects approaching the structure.

  • Second Outer Barrier Treatment is applied by baiting in the landscaped perimeter around the building.

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