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Residential Management

All Residential Services include the following:

  • Initial thorough inspection including attic and crawl space / basement if applicable and detailed notes including proofing & sanitation recommendations. (We strongly urge assistance with recommendations to compliment our services and assist in a win-win relationship.)

  • Initial thorough service to correct any current pest problems. Depending on the pest problem follow-up services will be scheduled as needed.

  • Scheduled ongoing services convenient to the homeowner.

  • Pro-active treatment to prevent pest problems from arising both in the interior and exterior of the home.

  • Removal of Spider webs (Cobb webs) from the exterior perimeter with each service.

  • All service visits including a service report describing the service that was conducted, can be sent via text or email of the compounds (materials) used, proofing and sanitation recommendations.

  • At the end of all services the next service will be scheduled.

  • All services include free response calls to covered targeted pests. Response calls will be scheduled according to the severity of the pest problem (same day or next day).

Commercial Management

All Commercial Services include the following:

A monthly non-food handling program uses an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to deal with most crawling insects in the commercial environment.

Your INTENSIVE FIRST SERVICE incorporates the following:


  • Crack & Crevice Nesting focusing on moisture areas, such as those found in restrooms and around floor sinks & faucets and around windows & doors.

  • Bait soil in plants, planters and indoor atriums.

  • Webster around windows, doors, eaves, exterior stairwells and anywhere that webs collect to remove signs of insect activity.

  •  Treat around the building perimeter, sidewalk cracks & edges, tree trunks & shrubbery bases, water meter boxes and dumpster enclosure/area.

  • First Outer Barrier Treatment  to impact insects approaching the structure.

  • Second Outer Barrier Treatment is applied by baiting in the landscaped perimeter around the building.


The following insects are covered under these services

American Roaches; Crickets; Ants (except Carpenter); House Mice; Brownbanded Roaches; Ground Beetles; Norway Rats; Silverfish; German Roaches; Centipedes;  Spiders; Earwigs; Firebrats; Oriental Roaches; Smokey Brown Roaches; Ticks; Grasshopper; Mites

Inital Service

starting at $129.99

Quarterly Service

starting at $69.99
Please Contact Us For Commercial Pricing
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