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PEST Management


All Residential Services include the following:

  • Initial thorough inspection including attic and crawl space / basement if applicable and detailed notes including proofing & sanitation recommendations. (We strongly urge assistance with recommendations to compliment our services and assist in a win-win relationship.)

  • Initial thorough service to correct any current pest problems. Depending on the pest problem follow-up services will be scheduled as needed.

  • Scheduled ongoing services convenient to the homeowner.

  • Pro-active treatment to prevent pest problems from arising both in the interior and exterior of the home.

  • Removal of Spider webs (Cobb webs) from the exterior perimeter with each service.

  • All service visits including a service report describing the service that was conducted, can be sent via text or email of the compounds (materials) used, proofing and sanitation recommendations.

  • At the end of all services the next service will be scheduled.

  • All services include free response calls to covered targeted pests. Response calls will be scheduled according to the severity of the pest problem (same day or next day).

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